2021 International Conference on Sensors and Instruments(ICSI2021)
ICSI 2021 has been successfully closed!

ICSI 2021 has been successfully closed!


ICSI 2021 has been held in Bukebuzhu Hotel, Qingdao on 28-30, May, 2021 and successfully closed!

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Thank you for your participations!

Keynote Speech 1: Ata Jahangir Moshayedi   Title: Gas sensor Modeling from Simple Equation to Electronic Nose, E nose challenges

Keynote Speech 2: Jun Xu                   Title: Networked Control and Digital Design Techniques Applied in Automotive and Industrial Fields

Keynote Speech 3: Jiandong Hu                      Title: Surface plasmon resonance biosensor for the detection of plant hormones 

Keynote Speech 4: Wenbin Gu            Title: Research on Dynamic Scheduling Mechanism of Intelligent Workshop Based on Data Driven

Keynote Speech 5: Shahid Hussain                  Title: Metal organic based Nanomaterials for Outstanding gas Sensors applications


Oral Speeches 1: Jianxiong Zhu                       Title: Machine learning-enabled textile-based graphene gas sensing

Oral Speeches 3: Longhui Qin                          Title: A Decoding Method for Spike Train Signals from Tactile Sensors

Oral Speeches 4: Zhou Zheng                          Title: A high-performance humidity sensor based on in-PCB interdigitated electrodes